Donor Loyalty

Anybody can play the game. We can change it.

Donor Loyalty Packets

The signature item of our Donor Loyalty Program is our customized mailpiece. Our mailpiece is scalable, affordable, and is a unique and engaging way to welcome or thank your donors. You can include a wide range of our components within your mail piece, including schedule magnets, license plates, calendars, luggage tags, window decals, membership cards and more. Additionally, we can handle all of the artwork from conception to completion, and we also have a full service mail house and fulfillment center to complete the process.

The mailpiece can serve multiple purposes as it can also be used to incorporate a gift redemption program. Your members are provided with a certificate within the mailer directing them to a customized website for them to choose from an array of gift options catered to their membership level. We will fulfill all gifts selected and send you the reporting so you can see which items were selected by your donors. You may also utilize existing gifts in our program, which has helped many of our partners reduce their storage and eliminate the time constraints of handling gifts on their own.

Auburn Alumni Association Direct Mail Package
My Carolina Alumni Association Direct Mail Package
University of Florida Alumni Association Direct Mail Package
West Virginia Mountaineer Direct Mail Package
University of Miami Hurricane Club Direct Mail Package


We have worked with numerous schools/groups from major Division I programs (Florida, Kansas State, LSU, Mississippi, Texas, West Virginia) to small schools (Armstrong Atlantic, Embry Riddle) as the program is completely scalable.


We feature a bold mailpiece which is completely customized to your specs and components. It serves an even greater purposeif you are implementing a new facilities plan or coaching staff and can showcase that with pictures/graphics on the mailpiece itself.

This program allows you to distribute your seasonal/membership items in a unique manner that will be eye-catching to your donor group.


Keeps your donors engaged and provides a positive user experience.

As we have seen with several of the schools we work with from Florida, Ole Miss, LSU, West Florida and others, this program creates such a positive experience for your donors these schools have repeated the program each year as their donors have given them such positive feedback.

Our Partners

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