110% Club

Anybody can play the game. We can change it.

The Next Level 110% Club is a component of our Donor Loyalty program in which you are able to acquire additional revenue through current donors by having them contribute an additional 10% of their current donation. In exchange you will be able to provide them with an added gift based on their membership level. There is no upfront cost, no inventory, and no limit to the gift you would like to reward your members with for their additional contribution.

This simple process starts with a custom website for your donors. Once they arrive at the site they will log in using their membership number. From there, we personalize their experience by displaying your donor's name, membership level and their additional 10% contribution amount. After confirming their contribution they may choose from several gift options as their reward for becoming one of your Next Level 110% Club members!

Next Level 110% Club

Our Features

Incentivize Your Donors

This program rewards your members for going above and beyond.

Keep Moving Forward

The 110% giving is the latest evolution of the giving process and our program will not only allow you to provide this element, but to do it in a way that is efficient and effective.

Hassle Free

As with PPI Loyalty's other online programs, our 110% Club takes the hassle and worry of implementing a new program out of your hands as we do the heavy lifting. We will provide fulfillment to your donors on each gift you wish to provide through this program while providing you the valuable information of the gifts selected and the donors who selected them.

Our Partners

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